Reeps One: Does Not Exist – VR Beatbox with 3D sound

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Beatbox phenomenon Reeps One in experimental VR music video. Immersive 360° experience with 3D sound. This is Reeps One coming at you from every angle. [WATCH ON COMPATIBLE ANDROID DEVICE WITH HEADPHONES FOR SPATIAL AUDIO, & ALWAYS IN 4K!]

Does Not Exist drops you into the center of Reeps One’s first virtual reality Beatbox performance – exploring the latest technology for VR and head-tracked 3D spatial audio. Working in 360 from the ground up, the track was composed to fully utilise the 360 sonic and visual space, creating a totally new style of music video. The piece was composed, recorded and shot in just one week.

To experience Does Not Exist in 360 with spatial audio, view on the YouTube App on a compatible Android device ( Headphones are required to experience 3D spatial audio.

An original concept by Aurelia Soundworks, created in Los Angeles by The Mill and Aurelia Soundworks.





Artist: Reeps One

Original Music Composed & Produced by
Reeps One & John Hendicott

Directed by
Gawain Liddiard & John Hendicott

Produced by
The Mill & Aurelia Soundworks

VFX Supervisor
Gawain Liddiard

Ginny Galloway

Sound Design & Spatial Audio Mix
John Hendicott

Spatial Audio Technologist
Chris Timpson

Director of Photography
Edward T. Button

VFX Producer
Daniel Midgley

Technical Innovations Manager
Tawfeeq Martin

Aurelia Soundworks
Co-Producers: Chris Timpson, Irene Tsouprake Holombo; Supervising Producer: Edward T. Button; Associate Producer: Sharon “Rocky” Roggio; Production Manager: Annie Klein; Production Designer: Sharon “Rocky” Roggio; Talent Creative Consultant: Anastasia Niedinger; Construction: Taylor Martin, Jena Serbu; Key Grip: Paul Smith; Swing: Mark Dahl; Stills/BTS: Nick Holombo; Craft/Catering: Claudia Black; Location Management: Ginny Galloway; Location Scout: Hope Leigh Rollins; Production Assistant: James Swindells.

The Mill
Creative Director: Gawain Liddiard, Lead Artist: Patrick Heinen; 2D Artists: Brett Lopinsky, Peter Sidoriak, Kelsey Napier, Daniel Lang; Technical Director: Tawfeeq Martin; Art Department: Greg Park; Producer: Daniel Midgley; Production Coordinator: Sardor Kaziyev; Colourist: Gregory Reese; Executive Producer, Colour: Thatcher Peterson: Colour Producer: Diane Valera

Special Thanks: Partners
Blue Ripple Sound
Audio Ease
GetInvolved Ltd

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